Keeping your red hair enhanced and enviable is a skill, particularly in winter. You’ve got your hair products for redheads, but how else can you care for and protect your gingerness during cold weather?

There are some key actions to incorporate into your red haircare routine that can help to safeguard it from looking dry and dull, and avoid that dreaded winter hair loss, too.


Let’s deal with this (red) head on. Going from brisk breezes to humid central heating is inevitable in winter, and boy does our hair hate it.

Harsh temperature changes from outdoor to indoor and back again can take their toll on your red hair. Changes in moisture levels can wreak havoc with frizziness too, and quite frankly, we’re not here for it.

It’s a simple change, but keeping your hair wrapped under a scarf or a hat when going outdoors can help alleviate this, and prevent the effects the chilly air has on your hair.


Making sure your hair is adequately conditioned is key for a redhead at the best of times – ginger hair is actually more fragile and drier than other shades. But in winter, your gingerness is even more vulnerable, battling against extremes of temperatures.

By leaving your conditioner on your hair for longer in the shower (we recommend up to five minutes), will intensify the nourishment the product provides. Or, if you have drier, curlier hair, you may opt for leaving some conditioner in your hair even after washing. Also, treating yourself to an intensive hair mask around once a week can help top up your moisture levels.


It’s literally the root of your gingerness, so don’t ignore it. Invest in a hair serum or oil that’s intended for use on the scalp as well as the hair. This is particularly ideal if you have a dry scalp or dry hair. Use the oil to massage the scalp using your fingertips (not your nails) to encourage blood circulation, which in turn strengthens follicles and helps to pump more nutrients and sebum to your hair’s roots and along the strand itself.

When we created our red hair products we paid extra attention to scalp-nourishing ingredients like rose, henna, ginger (yes, actual ginger), lavender and carrot.


Increasing your intake of certain vitamins during winter, either by supplement or food, not only does your body good, but it extends to your hair, too. Vitamin A, found in carrots, avocado and aloe, are excellent for scalp health, sebum production and hair shine, while zinc-rich seafood is great for strengthening follicles. If you’re looking to encourage hair growth, snack with iron-packed nuts and dried fruits.


We’ve harped on enough about the importance of using sulfate-free and silicone-free hair products for red hair, but really consider your hair product ingredients during winter. It’s when your strands are at their most vulnerable, so keep things as chemical-free as possible. A great tool to check whether an ingredient is harsh is Curlsbot.


No doubt you’ll have heard about giving your hair a cool rinse. Granted, it’s not preferable during the winter, when all you want is a steamy shower to heat your cockles. But, hear us out. As a rule, using warmer water on your hair opens the follicles, while cooler water closes them.

When your follicles are open, your strands are more vulnerable to damage, from both the water and any products being used on them. But when they’re closed, your strands are sealed and protected, encouraging shine and light reflection.

We’re not saying the duration of your shower should be cold – if you can’t take the chill, just run a quick cool rinse of your red hair at the end of your washing routine to seal the strands before drying.


Hair is at its weakest when wet, so be extra careful with it during and after washing. Use only a wide-toothed comb or just your fingers to untangle knots, and air dry if you can.


Heat styling causes a lot of damage and stress to hair, so air drying is the best way to avoid damaging it. Or, if you must use heat styling, use the coolest setting.

Red hair is your best accessory, so keep it enhanced and enviable, like nature (or the box) intended.


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