After hair transplantation, there are important considerations that should be considered after transplantation, just as in the hair transplantation process. Proper hair care, attention to nutrition and other factors will make your hair healthier and maintain its natural appearance.

What to Consider After Hair Transplantation

Immediately after the hair transplant operation, you must protect your hair roots and be careful of certain situations to undergo a healthy healing process. For the results of hair transplantation to be the desired, it is important that the patient fully complies with the recommendations after the operation.

Recovery Time After Hair Transplant

It is recommended not to wash your hair for the first three days. Avoid the sun, as sunlight can damage the hair follicles, if it is necessary to go out in the sun, you should use a wide and comfortable hat. Tea, coffee, cigarettes and alcohol should not be consumed for the first three days, as they will directly affect the healing process.

It is recommended to avoid extremely cold and hot environments and water. You need to stay as far away from the sun and rain as possible.

You can wash your hair using shampoos or soaps that are antibacterial and recommended by your doctor. Regular use of the solution and tonics recommended by your doctor after hair transplantation is very important for the success of the operation.

It is recommended that you do not use hair care products that you do not know or use regularly without your doctor’s opinion. Devices such as hair dryers and blow dryers should not be used for several months after hair transplantation. During the first 15 days, it is recommended to avoid movements that will shake your scalp and treat your hair gently.

Factors Affecting Hair Transplantation Results

Hair transplantation operations must be performed by a professional team to give the desired result. Because the hair roots in the human body are very sensitive, everything from the devices to be used to the experience of the team affects the success of the operation.

Another factor affecting the results of hair transplantation is the condition of hair follicles. If the hair follicles are not strong enough, the desired result may not be obtained from the procedures to be performed. To prevent such conditions and eliminate possible problems, consultation should be done before each hair transplant procedure.

After hair transplantation, people must do the right care, pay attention to their nutrition and avoid stress. If you are careful, especially in the month after the hair transplant, you can get the exact results of the hair transplant you want.

How Should Nutrition Be After Hair Transplantation?

As a result of hair transplantation, there are certain points that you should pay attention to in your diet to get healthy hair and get the natural look that you dream of. For your hair health, there are foods that you are recommended to add to your diet after surgery.

How Should Hair Transplant Care Be?

After hair transplantation, you must care for your hair correctly. Following the recommendations given by the doctor, using the recommended tonic and care materials will ensure that your hair is healthy.

For the results of hair transplantation to be as you expect, you must protect your hair from impact, pulling and friction until the roots are fully integrated. Adjusting your pillow accordingly while you sleep will make your work easier.

Although you should be more attentive and careful in the first months after hair transplantation surgery, it will be enough to do your routine care in the future. If you follow your doctor’s recommendations after the operation, you can get healthy and natural hair.

What Is The Success Rate Of Hair Transplantation?

The results of hair transplantation are seen as desired with almost close probability, as long as this operation is performed by an experienced team. Thanks to the technological tools used today and new hair transplantation methods, more than 95% success rate is achieved.

Of course, as with all other operations in hair transplantation, exact results may not always be obtained. The condition of the hair follicles of the people, genetic factors, methods used and similar factors will determine the success rate of the operation.


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